School Year 2019/2020

Fiscal Responsibility


D303 boasts a healthy budget and a high financial score of Recognition 4.0 rating but Administration continues to focus on Capital Projects and to grow administration. There should be more focus on student well-being and academic needs. 

D303 Accountability


The Board does not hold the Superintendent accountable for academic improvement results. The Board and Superintendent have not created a long range strategic plan, executing the academic goals through action items. 

Academic Data Assessment By School


The Superintendent has not presented academic data results by school and grade to show improvement and/or success for all students in all programs.  Among Elementary and High schools, there is a significant difference in enrollment and academic performance. This imbalance must be addressed. 

Enrollment By School


The Board needs to complete a Facility and Academic Usage Plan for all schools/buildings, according to all student needs and programs. D303 has an imbalance in enrollment and program offering. The Superintendent has not presented an enrollment analysis since he was hired in 2016. Some schools are underutilized/over utilized due to the lack of planning and making decisions in isolation building by building.



All the information and objective data we collect is directly from D303 from meeting presentations (Boardbook), Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), administrative staff, or Illinois State Board Of Education (ISBE).  The accuracy of this information is as good as its source: District 303. 

Fiscal Responsibility

Budget Fund Balances FY20


  • District’s ISBE Financial Profile Score is Recognition (4.0/4.0). 
  • Total Budget Surplus = $105,917.
  • Total revenue for all funds is estimated to increase by 4.17%.
  • Total expenditures for all funds are estimated to decrease by 3.09%.

Revenue Projections 2019/2020


  • Taxes (82%) are the largest source of revenue for the district. 
  • Only 8% of revenue comes from the State. 

Expenditure Projections 2019/2020


  • Salaries & benefits (77%) is the largest expenditure. Typical for a school district.  
  • Other expenses are low as expected. 

Operating Expense Per Pupil -District Comparison


  • D303 per pupil spending is $14,162. 
  • Slightly below the average per pupil spending of the comparison group.  

5 Year Revenue Comparison


  • Less revenue from property taxes and school fees compared to 2015. 
  • More revenue from State, interest income and Federal compared to 2015.

Teacher Retention Rate 5 yr Trend


  • Total teachers: Approximately 1000 each year.
  • ISBE Report Card “Retention” Definition: Teacher works in the same school last year and this year. The 3-year average percentage of teachers returning to work at the district.
  • District “Retention” Definition: Teacher works for the district last year and this year.
  • D303 has 57 teacher separations in 18/19 vs. 76 in 17/18. (year to year comparison)
  • Report Card 2019 teacher retention is 85% vs 79% in 2018. (3 year average percentage).

D303 Accountability

Dr. Pearson Contract (2019-2022)


  • The Board signed a performance based, multi-year contract (3 years) with Dr. Pearson with no academic goals attached to the signed contract. 
  • According to IL school code, in order for the board to extend or roll over a multi-year contract before it’s expiration, all performance and improvement goals must be met.

IL School Code - Superintendent Contract


  • Illinois School Code says that a performance based multiyear contract must have goals attached as addendum.  
  • Presentation of the annual data report does not mean accomplishment of goals and indicators.

Dr. Pearson Superintendent Goals 2019-2022


  • These goals are not included as an addendum to the signed contract. 

Haines Middle School Repurpose - APPROVED


  • Cost to repurpose Haines $4.2M plus Operating Expense $120K annually. 

FULL time in building

  • 40 administrators Superintendent, Assistant Supers K-12, and Department of Instruction.

PART time in building

  • 6-10 Transitions Program students at one time. (Max total enrollment 40 students)
  • St. Charles Park District. 
  • St Charles Library until 2021.
  • Professional Learning, Parent & Community Education, Large Group Meeting Space

ATS&R Architect Contract 2009


  • ATS&R Contract was signed in 2009 and is a contract in perpetuity
  • Maintain the 5yr Capital Implementation Plan (CIP) and Construction Projects. ($3 million) 
  • No bid process for architect work. 

5 yr Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) 2019/2020


  • 5yr CIP is estimated at $3M this includes any maintenance or construction at all D303 buildings and grounds. 
  • 10 Year Safety Update will be completed by December 2019 for all D303 buildings including Norris Rec Center. 

Data Assessment By School - Coming Soon!

2019 Grade 5 Exit Year PARCC Performance by School

2019 Grade 5 Exit Year PARCC Performance by District

2019 Grade 8 Exit Year By District

Grade 11 SAT Performance by District (2019)

2019 SAT ELA Data for 17 High Schools

2019 SAT Math Data for 17 High Schools

Enrollment By Grade Level & School

19/20 Early Childhood


  • No Academic/Growth Business Plan was presented to the Board prior to expanding this program to Fox Ridge. 
  • All Early Childhood (EC) classes combine intervention/at risk and general education students. 
  • Fox Ridge & Ferson Creek utilization is at 38%.
  • Fox Ridge 38% (10 classrooms) are used as Early Childhood AM/PM classrooms for West and East side EC needs. 

19/20 Elementary School


  • Overcrowded classrooms for younger grades K-2 remain an issue not solved by closing Fox Ridge Elementary. 
  • 32 classrooms were above the 24 student average which is goal for administration for budgetary reasons.  
  • Cap and Send at 27 students is a guideline not a policy used at administrations discretion. 

19/20 Class Size Analysis (Elementary School)


  • 7 out of 12 schools are not utilized properly. 
  • Grades K-2 are close to or at the 27 student Cap and Send. Too many students for younger grades. 
  • Fox Ridge is a K-5 elementary with school capacity of 504 students -  underutilized when used for Early Childhood alone.  

19/20 Middle School


  • Haines officially closed at the end of school year 18/19. 
  • The schools are currently balanced in terms of enrollment (175 student difference). 

19/20 High School


  • There is a 444 student difference in enrollment at the High Schools.
  • This disparity needs to be addressed by realigning the boundaries to balance the schools out. 



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