Community Expectations of D303 Leadership

Expectations of The School Board

Our expectation is that the School Board, elected by all stakeholders in the community, achieve these goals. 

  1. Selects and employs the Superintendent.
  2. Creates academic goals for the Superintendent contract and a strategic plan for the district. 
  3. Expected to govern, direct, and hold the Superintendent accountable to execute clearly defined goals, expectations, and timelines in accordance to policy.

Expectations of The Superintendent

Our expectation is for our Superintendent to execute the Board's goals and expectations.  

  1. Lead with confidence by holding staff accountable with clearly defined goals, expectations, and timelines. 
  2. Understand how to execute a contract with academic goals tied to indicators for success for growth and improvement by school and all students. 
  3. Establish a trusting relationship with all stakeholders in the community through transparency and communication.